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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  December 30, 2012 11:30am-12:00pm PST

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welcome back to the cnn news room, i'm martin savidge. if you're just joining us, thank you for tuning in. we're following the breaking developments on a store i that affects every single american. that's the fiscal cliff. we reach the brink in two days. let's go live now to dana bash on capitol hill. because of news of a setback. dana, what do we know? >> that's right. we got this word from democratic sources about a half an hour ago. maybe a little bit more. that they consider a major setback to be going on right now. a poison pill, something that the republicans offered last night and democrats rejected today. it's called technically chain
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cpi, the buzz word for it. what it means for real people and real terms, would be that social security recipients would see smaller checks on a monthly basis and that's why democrats are saying that this is a nonstarter. the president did propose this to the house speakers as part of a larger deal. he even talked about it again this morning on nbc, the president. but democrats are saying that they simply do not see this in this miner, smaller mini deal. they don't want to deal with the entitlement issue at all until a later date when they can deal with it in a broad sense. here's an example of what we heard a half hour ago from the republican leader followed by the democratic leader. >> the consequences of this are too high for the american people to be engaged. in a political messaging campaign. i'm interested in getting a result here. i was here all day yesterday. as i indicated, we submitted our latest proposal at 7:00 p.m.
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last night. we're willing to work with whoever, whoever can help. there's no single issue that remains an impossible sticking point. >> in the meantime i will continue to try to come up with something. but at this stage, i don't have a counteroffer to make. perhaps as the day wears on we will be able to. i will say this, that i think that the republican leader has shown absolutely good faith. it's just that we're apart on some pretty big issues. >> still apart on pretty big issues. the other thing i'm told by democratic and republican sources, martel is that the really big issue when we're talking about the fiscal cliff, which are the tax rates. republicans are saying, i'm told, that they actually want to keep all tax rates in place for those making even more than 400,000 a year. democrats and the president
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compared on keeping the tax rates in place for incomes of $250,000, letting everybody else's expire to help go towards deficit reduction. but democrats in the talks have been willing to come up and that's another big gulf between the two of them on this issue of tax rates. >> dana bash, thanks for the latest update from capitol hill. let's get you checked in with other storyings trending on the death toll from russia in a plane crash has risen to five. the plane went off a runway at a russian airport. two georgia boys, will soon be headed home after being missing for several days. henry and ben were found in austin, texas. police say their father, daniel cleary failed to return them home after a holiday visit. cleary is now in police custody. and who doesn't know the oakridge boys, the group sang for former president george h.w. bush while he's recovering in hospital.
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we'll talk to one of the band members. let's do this one for you, you'll remember this one. ♪ amazing grace >> those are the oak ridge boys singing "amazing grace." the gospel turned country crooners brightened up the xli president's day. one of the oak ridge boys joins me now from nashville, tennessee. thanks for being with me. >> martin, thanks for having me. >> quite a voice and queerly you've got healing powers, at least the song has healing powers for the president, because soon after you sang to him, he was moved from icu and i believe went into a regular hospital room. how did this connection between you and the president all get started? we have a long, very long, long friendship with the bush family. it started way back when he was vice president. and it's continued up to this present day.
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george and barbara are very dear friends of the oak ridge boys, he officially refers to us as his boys, we were able to work it out between barbara and the bush family and four of to us make a phone call to president bush while he was there in icu and were able to sang couple of songs for him. and able to cheer him up just a little bit. we asked him what he wanted to hear. and quickly he said, "elvira." so we sang a little of that for him and we went into one of his all-time favorites, which was "amazing grace." both of them are great songs. >> and you added "american made" another great hit for you. as you sang, did he sing along with you? could you tell what reaction you were getting? >> he has sung along with us in the past. >> it was difficult to tell over the telephone whether he was actually singing, according to barbara and his kids, he was just beaming. we got emails, to talk about how it affected him and such a
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positive way. it made us feel very good, that we were able to help out a little bit. >> it helped out more than just a little bit. because whether it was coincidence or not, he moved and appears to be getting better, thanks to your heartfelt singing, how does that make you feel? >> it makes us feel very well, i think a lot of people have been praying for him. so i think as a result of our prayers and well wishes and maybe just a little bit of good music from the oak ridge boys, things are heading in the right direction. >> thanks very much. it's a pleasure talking to you as always. >> well as we say, the clock ticking down on the fiscal cliff and will lawmakers on capitol hill be able to beat that clock? americans are speaking out and you know what, they are not happy. and what does hillary clinton have in common with wisconsin congressman paul ryan? our new poll says it all.
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you are looking at the center of attention for this afternoon. the senate where they are still trying to work out a deal to avoid a fiscal cliff. just watching and keeping an eye on things so we'll bring you the latest developments as they happen. when they do, we'll bring them to you. deal or no deal -- that is the $64,000 question.
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and this is not a game show. we're talking about of course, the high-stakes politics in washington that will impact every american family. the fiscal cliff is here. and we all go over it in two days. unless the president and congress are able to come up with some kind of budget deal. so let's bring in brian monroe. the editor of cnn and he's joining us from san antonio, texas. brian, no one wants their taxes to go up. we know come tuesday, everyone who gets a paycheck will get less money in it unless a deal is reached. i know you've been talking to people and getting the pulse of the country, what are they saying to you? >> you know, martin, you're right, gallup did a recent poll taking a look at this. let's take a look. the recent poll shows that 68% of americans are saying lawmakers are should compromise in order to reach this fiscal cliff solution. only 22% think those lawmakers need to stick to their guns and
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not budge. either on tax increases or spending cuts. >> so we know that gridlock has been a big problem and we're seeing more, it appears on this issue. in the end could this result in who has the upper hand in public support? >> that's the game they're playing, is it the republicans to blame or the democrats? president obama has seen an increase in his numbers as they've been going through this. as you saw with dana bash, they're at a standstill, who knows what they're going to do. we asked citizens who do you think is to blame and let's take a look at those numbers. over half of americans, 54% support president obama and his handling of the fiscal cliff situations, that's compared to what, 28% of american who is approve of house speaker john boehner and the job that he's doing. you know, senate majority leader, harry reid has got an
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approval rating just a little bit above that, 34% for his role in the fiscal cliff negotiations. >> let's move on to other polling information. which i agree is prety long-term. locking out to 2016 now, what is the potential impact on all of this say on who could replace the current president of the united states. what are we seeing? >> well you know, that's right. the future is very fascinating. we took a look in a poll that we released today, the cnn/orc poll that looked at republicans and democrats. we asked senators from both parties, who they support. let's take a look at the parties. here's the lineup, for the democrats it's secretary of state hillary clinton. she's far and away ahead of the pack with what, 85% of those who said they would support her. she's got a 20-point lead over the next front-runners, which is vice president joe biden. new york governor andrew cuomo,
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the son of mario cuomo is in third with 56%. >> a lot of that i would guess is probably just simply based on name recognition at this point? >> it is. >> we can take a look at the republican field, which is a little tighter. but still early. you've got paul rhine, who has gotten a big boost in name recognition from his run as vice president in the recent election. he's at the top of the list with 75% of support. then you've got new jersey gorngs chris christie. very outgoing, has been talked about as a candidate for 2016. he's got 59% and florida senator marco rubios right behind him at 58%. >> the brian monroe. thank you very much. we appreciate it. there's no deal on the fiscal cliff. that we know. and many americans are not happy about it we'll hear your take on it. meanwhile, new york city is preparing for the new year's eve celebration. anderson and kathy griffin want you to get ready for our special
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coverage tomorrow night. we'll hear from them both.
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cut take a look at what joseph siegel says. >> my new year's message to
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washington is to secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and posterity. invest in our children, in our schools and in our communities. raise taxes on the rich, and eliminate corporate loopholes. and do not cut social security or medicare. thank you and happy new year. now, our reporters is one way we're communicating with you, facebook, a big discussion going on my facebook page. let me show awe few quotes. the first one, let the bush tax cuts expire. go back to the clinton era tax rate and watch republicans squirm. that's what benjamin bog is saying. the next one says, we need to cut entitlements and spending. and get people off government reliance. that's candria crisp who wants what some of republicans are pushing for, saying they want more spending cuts in the legislation. i think we have time to jump in with one more. the people in congress have their form of entitlements but still end up on vacation with no work done.
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that's terrace hogan. one of many people complaining that congress only got back together in this respect in recent days and hasn't had this worked out a long time ago. we're going to be sharing your comments throughout the afternoon. throughout the evening. go ahead and send them and martin, we'll be back later on with more. >> congress does work for the people. maybe it's good they hear from the home office from time to time. well there's only one place to spend new year's eve and that is right here with anderson cooper and kathy griffin. they've got a special preview for us.
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restore revive rejuvenate rebuild rebuild rebuild
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. leading our coverage from times square on new year's eve.
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anderson cooper and kathy griffin. the two will host as the new year is welcomed around the world. they're here to tell us what's in store for us. >> i'm here with kathy griffin, kathy, the funny thing is we're on cnn weekend right now. if they're wondering who their typical viewer is, it's you, because all you're doing during the weekend is watch cnn, right? >> i am a cnn super fan, i know the entire slate, the reporters, i'm so excited to be doing two years with candy crowley. two women, she clearly did the best debate out of any of the cnn reporters. >> she's not doing new year's with you. you're doing it me again. >> woman and blitz-griffin? >> no. i thought you were busy going to andy cohen's new year's eve party? >> no. i put aside all parties. because i want to spend it with you. >> are you going to come on the rise and do like ten minutes and then you're out?
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>> yes. i will fiscally be there, mentally i will be in my safe place. >> all right. just out of curiosity, this year we're on for two and a half hours. obviously you don't know what's going to happen. even more than america, don't know. what are the kind of things like mantras or phrases you use to calm yourself? >> there's no real -- there's no real mantras, i mean i, although i am looking at you from time to time i'm just not there. i'm just -- >> when you look at me, do you see kelly ripa and you feel better? >> yes, basically i'm imagining kelly ripa. >> she's more calming for you, i understand. >> do you ever look at me and see sanjay. you know he could take your blood pressure. >> no, no. and you know, i don't know that other people know that i'm not sure i've told you this. but this all started six years ago there was a typo, i actually requested kathie lee.
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and somehow -- >> can't book her. >> i don't know if it was they changed the name or -- we ended up with you, and it's been great. i'm not denigrating you. >> no, even kathie lee is happy. i know, look, kathie lee and hoda are happy, having box wine with my mother somewhere, so they're taken care of. what's the worst thing, what's the worst thing that you think i might do to you this year? >> you've already done pretty much the worst things i can imagine you doing. you yelled at a person in the crowd, an a obscenity. >> i thought i was protecting you. >> the following year you uttered multiple obscenities under your breath. >> i'm a little dyslexic. >> i did not hear it because of all the noise, it was only after we started getting calls from "the new york times" and others that i realized had you been saying this all along. >> is the new york times like "us weekly"? i've never heard of this thaw speak of.
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>> it's a paper on the east coast. >> and last year you stripped, which was a first for me. >> well maybe not the last. >> also remember, i strip to a degree. >> i didn't, i didn't go full landing strip. >> i don't know what that means. >> you will, it's the weekend show. >> it's the weekend show. >> what are you looking forward to in the new year? do you have a resolution? >> i have no resolutions, i don't believe in them. my resolution is to get other people to not have resolutions. the same thing, to just try to keep oprah and ryan seacrest off my back. i just want to live another year. i believe that now you're in ka hoots with them, i believe there's plotting going on between the three of you, you're the trifecta of terror. >> people think you're kidding but you really think oprah and ryan seacrest are trying to kill you? >> i believe ryan seacrest is so devious he's using you to get it me. i believe you're a messed-up
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star chamber and all i am is an innocent little dainty flower, trying to make people laugh and trying to make america better. >> yeah, how long have you been fixated on ryan seacrest? why would he be trying to kill you? >> because ryan knows that i have something he can never have. it's called talent. it's called quick-wittedness. it's called soul. >> is this going to be an awkward dinner when we eat with him the night before? >> i think he seems like a very nice guy. >> that's what they used to say about the devil. >> no one said that about the devil. >> i bring out the devil is part of the parlor conversation. >> do you know that dorothy parker is buried in a dress that my mom gave her? >> that sounds like -- heaven to me. don't act like that's nothing. we're going get to the bottom of all of your personal issues, they are many and they are
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varied. >> i'm practicing not talking when you're talking, it's throwing you that i'm not talking nonstop. you don't know what to do with me now. >> monday night, 10:00 p.m. two and a half hours, kathy griffin and me, thanks very much. back to you. >> just a taste of what's in store new year's eve. minutes from now, senate negotiators meet again on capitol hill trying to come up with a last-minute deal to avoid the fiscal cliff. >> it's coming down to the wire. you're watching it live right here on cnn. have a good night. here you go. you, too. i'm going to dream about that steak. i'm going to dream about that tiramisu. what a night, huh? but, um, can the test drive be over now? head back to the dealership? [ male announcer ] it's practically yours. but we still need your signature. volkswagen sign then drive is back. and it's never been easier to get a passat. that's the power of german engineering. get $0 down, $0 due at signing, $0 deposit, and $0 first month's payment on any new volkswagen. visit today.
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